During Southern Festival of Books Season

From the Department of Posting Better Late Than Never: I had the pleasure of reviewing several books for Chapter 16 during the run-up to this year’s Southern Festival of Books, as well as hosting a festival session. Firstly, I got my hands on two fascinating novels: Nick White’s debut How to Survive a Summer and Eleanor Henderson’s The Twelve-Mile Straight. Secondly, I wrote some thoughts about Rodney Jones’s powerful novel-in-verse Village Prodigies. Each was a thought-provoking challenge. On the final days of the festival, I was lucky to moderate a festival session for Radney Foster, a well-known singer-songwriter and first-time short fiction author. Having written stories in tandem with an album of songs, both titled For You to See the Stars, Radney read and sang his great work during our session. Another memorable, inspiring festival in the books!

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